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2019 | 19min | USA | Documentary

HD | B&W | Stereo






An artist collective painting murals in Sandtown-Winchester – an African-American neighborhood in the city of Baltimore, Maryland – demonstrates the rage, indignation and hope of its residents. Confronting major social traumas with courage and creativity, their actions shed a light on racism, repressive measures and the calls for social justice such as the ones following the death of Freddie Gray, a young African-American from the neighborhood who was assassinated by the police. The Sandtown murals show the reactions of this community against police brutality, as well as the racial and ethnic tensions that continue to have a strong presence in the city. French photographer Léa Eouzan documented the work by these muralists, portraying the artists who hit the streets in order to protest and to take a stand for social change. 


Présent dans le quartier de Sandtown-Winchester, un quartier majoritairement afro-américain de Baltimore (USA), un groupe d’artistes muralistes témoignent de la rage, de la révolte et de l’espoir des résidants de leur communauté. Ils affrontent avec courage et créativité de profonds traumatismes sociaux. Leurs interventions mettent l’accent sur le racisme, la répression et la revendication de la justice sociale, comme suite à la mort de Freddie Gray, un afro-américain du quartier assassiné par la police.




Justin Nethercut, Ernest Shaw, Léa Eouzan,

Megan Lewis, Adam Stab, Pablo Machioli

Written & directed by Francescu Artily

Music & sound designer: Jean-Florent Chatillon

Cinematography & edited by Francescu Artily

Subtitles translator: Julien Lafaye

Produced by White Chestnut Production

© Baltimore 2019


With the contribution of

  • CrossCurrents Foundation

  • French Embassy in the United States of America



* Best Documentary – Arte Mare Film Festival



- Grenoble Street Art Movie Fest – (France)

- Visions du Réel / Media Library – (Switzerland)

- Festival du Film Politique – (France)

- Indie Street Film Festival – (USA)

- Embassy of France – (Washington DC, USA)

- Eubie Blake Cultural Center – (Baltimore, USA)

- Festival des Films Identitaires et Solidaires – (Benin)

- Arte Mare Film Festival – (France)

- Festival Passion Cinéma – (France)

- MediMed Doc – (Spain)

- Nišville Movie Summit – (Serbia)

- Institut Stanislas – (France)

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All contents © Francescu Artily

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