2023 | 15min | France | SHORT FILM

4k | Color | 5.1

in post production



A cameraman shoots picturesque videos for a TV production company. Wrecked by his lack of desire lost in the emptiness of a daily routine, he wanders alone through landscapes in search of the best view. A journey where the image becomes the main character of an existential quest.



Bastien Bouillon, Anne Steffens, Jean-Marie Orsini & Henri Costa

Written & directed by Francescu Artily

Music: Pierre Oberkampf

First assistant director: Anaïs Versini

Script: Laurence Nicoli

DOP: Aurélien Py

Sound recordist: Laurent Blahay

Sound designer: Jules Jasko

Sound mixer: Nathalie Vidal

Art director: Tom Mattei

Editing: Sophie Mandonnet

Colorist: Julien Petri

Casting director: Julie Allione

Producer: Michèle Casalta

Produced by Mouvement

© Corsica 2023

With the participation of France Télévisions

With the contribution of

  • Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC)

  • Collectivité de Corse

  • ViàTéléPaese

  • Allindì

Residency for Visual Arts and Creative Writing at CULORI

[Laburatoriu Culturali in Sotta]

MED IN SCENARIO Writing Residency as part of the

14th festival Nuits MED di u Filmu Cortu

All contents © Francescu Artily