2021 | 52min | France | Documentary

HD | Color | Stereo 



Emilie, Philippe and Pascal are trainees at the vocational school of southern Corsica. Each of them face their own limits as they discover the demanding aspect of apprenticeship and the rules of the working world. This new line in their daily lives gives a preview of an adulthood that they dream of and yet, which remains uncertain.



Starring: Pascal Sooprayea, Emilie Sansone,

Philippe Weber, Emmanuel Lojou, Cédric Fallot,

Bruno Sansone, Karen Prats, Anthony Coquenet,

Joshua Cheret, Michael Chardon

Written by Francescu Artily & Catherine Albertini

Directed & cinematography by Francescu Artily

Sound recordist: Jean-Florent Chatillon

Edited by Laurence Miller

Sound designer: Richard Raynaud

Sound mixer: Michel Liabeuf

Colorist: Lionel Dalban

Subtitles translator: Julien Lafaye

Producer: Frederika Sonza

Produced by Les Productions du Triton

© Ajaccio 2021

In coproduction with France Télévisions

With the contribution of​

  • Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC)

  • Collectivité de Corse

TV broadcasting

- France Televisions, France 3 – 2022


All contents © Francescu Artily